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Science Week

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Science Week

Please see below Science Week activities at Blenheim.

We started Science Week with a whole school assembly to introduce Science Week, we talked about connections (the theme of Science Week 2023) and linked this to exploring our Science Capital. Brian Sweatman, Governor for BPS kindly spoke to the children about his career as a pharmacist.


Later in the week, we held a Science afternoon. Every class took part in activities based on the theme of connections.


In EYFS - they explored the connection with our senses and conducted a 'smell test'.

In Year 1 - they explored the connections in colours and pattern and had a go at the 'Skittle experiment'. They made beautiful patterns by placing Skittles on a plate and adding water.

In Year 2 - they looked at life cycles - they visited the pond and collected frog spawn, they found out about the life cycle of a frog and made representations of the life cycle out of clay.

In Year 3 - they were exploring the connection between light and shadow and had great fun in the darkened hall with their torches.

In Year 4 - they found out about the connections in our digestive systems and simulated our food/waste products going through our digestive systems.

In Year 5 - they explored structural connections by making bridges and testing them by adding weights.

In Year 6 - they looked at chemical reactions and took part in 'volcano experiments'.


Please see our pictures:

Science Week