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In addition to the regular workshops we hold for our pupils and families regarding the importance of Internet and Digital Safety, please find below links to useful websites featuring information about how to best keep your children Safe Online. 

Snap Map – Snapchat has launched a new feature on their app which allows users to see the location of their contacts and allows users to accurately pinpoint where someone is. Please click here for information about how to set privacy settings to keep you and your family safe. 

Google Safety Centre – A new resource from Google, giving advice about online safety.

Online Safety Helpline – O2 are working together with the NSPCC to help support families to keep children safe online.  This link will provide you with the number to call.

Minecraft – Do your children enjoy playing Minecraft? Click here for the NSPCC parent guide giving tips and advice for keeping children safe on Minecraft.

Hot Topics – Read about ‘hot topics’ (Childnet) for parents around the subject of online safety.

E-safety tips for Parents of Primary School Children (Internet Matters)

A Guide to Mobile Web Safety