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Forest School

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Forest School

Forest School

For a few months each year, every child at Blenheim takes part in our very popular Forest school sessions. These take place in an area of our own extensive school grounds.

What is Forest school?

Forest school is an idea developed from the Scandinavian ethos of child-led learning outside the classroom. At Forest school, children are given time outside to explore the natural world and to learn new skills. During this, they gain real-life experiences, and they are encouraged to be independent and to take risks in a supported environment. Much research has been done about the benefits of getting the children outside to learn, such as increased self-esteem, increased concentration and problem-solving skills, and improved emotional well-being.

Forest school activities

The children experience a wide variety of activities at Forest school and have the opportunity to build on their skills week by week. Examples of these activities include:

  • Making artwork using natural materials
  • Building dens
  • Lighting fires and cooking on them
  • Whittling sticks
  • Taking part in scavenger hunts
  • Identifying plants and animals
  • Constructing bug hotels
  • Planting trees
  • Playing with mud!


“I like Forest school because it’s so exciting!” – Emily, Reception

“I love going to Forest school because you get to see all the little creatures crawling around and I love the little creatures!” – Chloe, Year 1

“At Forest school you get to do fun things like climbing trees!” – Norik, year 2