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From the time that the children start in Reception, they should wear school uniform. We are proud of how smart the children look in our attractive school uniform. The uniform, book bags and P.E. bags are available from Graduates Schoolwear. We are aware that uniform can be expensive. You may buy suitable uniform from other clothes shops as long as it fits the dress code.


All items of uniform should be clearly named. Each term we get a bin full of lost property because we cannot return it to its rightful owner due to it not being named.

Dress Code: EYFS, KS1 and KS2

Green jumper or cardigan with school logo
Grey trousers or shorts 
Grey skirt, pinafore or shorts
White polo shirt
White shirt/blouse
Black school shoes (not trainers) with easy fastenings
Plain white, grey, black or green socks

For summer, a green and white striped or checked dress can be worn

PE Kit

A t-shirt in house colour (blue, green, red or yellow)
Black shorts

For outdoor PE a pair of plain black or grey tracksuit bottoms may be worn.

PE shirts are available to buy from the school office for £1.50 each.


NOTE: Girls from Muslim families may wear a scarf if this is usual practice for their family.

Please ensure children have suitable outdoor clothing and footwear for all occasions.

Hair should be neat and tidy. Hair longer than shoulder length needs to be tied back using an elastic.  Single hair bows can be worn but we ask that these are no larger than approximately 12cm.  They should be white, bottle green, grey, black or green and white gingham.  They should have no sparkles, stones or metallic additions.  The school does not allow any extreme hairstyles, for example zig zag shaving or dyed/coloured hair.  If you are in any doubt about hairstyles or hair accessories please do check with SLT (who are at the gate each morning) before visiting the hairdresser or purchasing anything. 

Please note that the school does not allow the wearing of any type of jewellery.