Blenheim Primary School

Blenheim Primary School

Blenheim Road, Orpington, BR6 9BH · Tel: 01689 819955 · Fax: 01689 600830 · E-mail:

Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to Blenheim Primary School.

Vision Statement: ‘Challenge, Strive, Succeed’

Shared Values: To support our mission we have a set of shared (core) values for all members of our community to embrace:

 Core Values

Blenheim Primary provides a genuinely warm and inclusive learning environment for all of our children. Our dedicated staff work extremely hard to provide an engaging and challenging curriculum, with many enrichment activities to ensure learning is fun and purposeful. We value each and every child, meeting their individual needs in a safe, supportive and stimulating environment where differences are celebrated.

We see parents and carers as co-educators and value the tremendous contributions they make to the lives of our children and school. We operate an open door policy and always welcome parents and carers talking to us.

Our partnership with the Education for the 21st Century Trust will ensure that we continue to provide excellent opportunities for all our children and staff so that they may be the best that they can be.

Miss M. Drake

Executive Headteacher